The Network 

The Network of ICT Respondents (ITREP Network) is a community of practice that brings together, facilitates, and supports the Pedagogical Counsellors responsible for the pedagogical integration of technologies in public and private CEGEPs and colleges in Quebec. It has been affiliated with the Fédération des cégeps since November 2004 and collaborates with the ICT partners of the college network. The ITREP Network is funded under a service agreement with the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur (MES). 

The ITREP Network is primarily aimed at ICT pedagogical counsellors, but the work of the work teams has a direct impact on teachers and students by providing them with bilingual reference frameworks (The ICT Profile for College StudentsCAAP Guide, etc.). 

The workplan is established annually by the ITREP network facilitation team, in collaboration with the members of the community of practice and validated by the Orientation Committee. Each member is free to choose his or her type of contribution and to collaborate or not on specific items. 

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