ICT Pedagogical Counsellors (ICT-PC) have developed a variety of reference documents to guide them while carrying out their mandates in their institutions. Creating these reference documents has led to the production of a set of resources that REPTICs can reinvest in their professional practice. 

Reference documents and tools 

Academic Integrity Awareness Campaign

The Plagiarism and Academic Integrity team, which brought together ICT Pedagogical Counsellors from the Réseau REPTIC and college Librarians from REBICQ, has provided colleges with promotional material to raise awareness of Academic Integrity among students in January 2022.

The visuals used are adapted from an existing campaign of the CÉGEP de Baie-Comeau, and are customizable by each college. They are accompanied by a guide describing the project and specifying the terms of use for deploying the campaign locally.


ICT Profile for College Students

The ICT Profile for College Students is a framework that college teachers use to support the mastering of informational, methodological, cognitive, and technological skills of the student population. It consists of skills related to finding, processing, and presenting information. In addition, there are two skills that encourage students to network and use ICTs effectively and responsibly.

Guide to Academic Integrity and Avoiding Plagiarism

The Guide to Academic Integrity and Avoiding Plagiarism was created between 2018 and 2020 by the Comité plagiat et intégrité intellectuelle (Plagiarism and intellectual integrity committee) which brought together ICT Pedagogical Counsellors from the Réseau REPTIC and college Librarians from REBICQ. 

This guide is published under a Creative Commons licence and was developed by using many sources of information. It is addressed to teachers in the college network in a PowerPoint format that is easily modifiable and adaptable to their teaching material. 

The guide has two sections: Training for teachers and Pedagogical materials to share with students. 

The Little Guide for the Ideal Applicant

This guide aims to provide students with tools on how to project their professional image on the Web when looking for a job or fieldwork. It provides tips on recognizing the image that we project on the Web and social networks, and to ensure that this image is adequate in a job or fieldwork search context and how to erase any traces that could be harmful.