The Network of ICT Respondents (REPTIC Network) is a community of practice that brings together, facilitates, and supports the Pedagogical Counsellors responsible for the pedagogical integration of technologies in public and private CEGEPs and colleges in Quebec.

The REPTIC community of practice can:

  • Support the Pedagogical Counsellors in their mandate to support the integration of digital technology in education and in learning 
  • Promote the cohesiveness of actions and dialogue among pedagogical counsellors within the network 
  • Provide answers to practical questions (and answer questions from other members of the network in a spirit of mutual support) 
  • Develop and share tools and resources from reference frameworks which will be reinvested in professional practice 
  • Make known the services of organizations supporting the college network. 

REPTICs are appointed by the management of a college to ensure that they benefit from the services of the community of practice in order to provide better support to teachers. Deans or directors who choose to appoint a REPTIC must make a formal request to add that person by contacting us ( 

Once your registration with the REPTIC Network is finalized, you will then have access to collaborative and sharing tools from the community of practice. 

If you wish to receive more information, please contact us.

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