Each year, the REPTIC Network prioritizes objectives that are handled by working groups and by the Network’s facilitation teamSome working groups are intended to develop resources while others are groups for exchange and reflection. Organizations from the College Network can also participate in these projects.  

Digital badges

Make known the digital badge, the challenges of its use and current practices in this area and equip the network for its implementation in an establishment:

  • Develop content for an Upgrade resource on digital badges;
  • Develop a guide to implementing a digital badge system for colleges.

Mapping of digital tools

Produce comparative tables on different categories of digital tools in order to better distinguish them and make better choices:

  • Finalize the visual of the comparative tool on the questionnaire and quiz tools;
  • Plan the production of comparative tables on other categories of tools;
  • Produce comparative tables on other categories of tools;
  • Plan promotion and release for the current year.

Remote assessment

Collaborate with Eductive to operationalize the Reference Framework for the Guide d’évaluation des apprentissages avec le numérique:

  • Finalize the website of the Guide d’évaluation des apprentissages avec le numérique;
  • Plan promotion and dissemination for the current year;
  • Do one or two promotional activities.

Success and perseverance

Think about the particular issues between perseverance, success, motivation and digital:

  • Finalize the intervention plan to support the perseverance and success of college students;
  • Test the intervention plan in the college network;
  • Adjust the intervention plan according to the experimentation in the network.

Immersive technologies

Make immersive technologies and the challenges of their use known, discuss the experimentation and implementation of immersive technologies :

  • Produce a decision-making tool for the creation of an activity integrating immersive technologies;
  • Equip and update the REPTIC Network on immersive technologies;
  • Experiment with a pedagogical scripting template.

Digital skills of students

Promote group members’ learning on the integration of the ICT Profile and the Digital Competence Framework into curricula.

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